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THE ROAD TO RUIN (The 1928 Exploitation Musical) where sex delinquency, neglectful parents, bottled water and Christians bring down Little Sally Canfield,’The Nicest Girl at Central High’. BUT NEVER FEAR by the final curtain justice is served and redemption achieved through good works, cookies and dogs!

In the 1920’s and 30’s exploitation films warned American parents of the dangers of sex delinquency, homosexuality and drug addiction. Such films as “She Shoulda Said ‘No!’ ”, “Cocaine Fiends” and “The Devil’s Weed” were shown in tents on the outskirts of small town America to expose, instruct and supposedly uplift and edify -- but the moral warnings implicit in these films were actually an excuse to delve in risqué subject matter and provide a cheap thrill. Audience members would get a lecture, a pamphlet on the “Evils of the Evening”, and the chance to see something a bit more scandalous than what they were showing at the Bijou! In the musical “The Road to Ruin” – all the trends cited (Radithor, Autosuggestion and the best-selling book, The Man Nobody Knows) have a factual basis. Finally, Willis Kent, was an actual producer and writer for many of the exploitation films of this period, including “The Road to Ruin.”

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Road to Ruin - Stephanie Kurtzuba, Jenn Caryn Hyman, Lynne Wilson
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Sally Canfield, MD - Stephanie Kurtzuba, Jenn Caryn Hyman, Lynne Wilson
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